Four Rooms

Four top dealers, each with their own private room, compete to buy objects brought in by sellers, with an emphasis on the macabre and the bizarre. If the seller turns down one offer, they are not permitted to return to that room.

Genre: Reality

Country: UK

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 7.2

Season 2 - Four Rooms
"Can the chair on which JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, the original music score for Psycho, artwork by Marlon Brando, Francis Bacon's paint brushes or an antique dildo make their owners rich?"
"Can a dress worn by Amy Winehouse, a bottle of champagne signed by the Ashes-winning cricket team, a waxwork autopsy, a slice of the Queen and Prince Phillip's wedding cake, or Kate Middleton's car make their owners a life-changing sum of money?"
"Can tiles featured on the Beatles' Abbey Road album cover, original artwork from Reservoir Dogs, Ku Klux Klan costumes or Richard Burton's fur coat earn their owners life-changing money?"
"The dealers get a chance to bid for Katie Price and Peter Andre's wedding carriage, paintings by the Kray twins, Dracula author Bram Stoker's desk and artwork by Damien Hirst."
"Can Napoleon's death mask, a pair of woolly mammoth tusks, a giant Polaroid by Bob Carlos Clarke or a 1920s chandelier earn their owners life-changing sums of money?"
"This episode features a wallet made from the skin of the hand of notorious Edinburgh bodysnatcher William Burke; and a 19th-century Nepalese witchdoctor's outfit complete with spirit catcher and ritual dagger, given directly to the seller by a Shaman family.\n\nPlus a graduation artwork by young British artist Jake Chapman, which the seller bought in the 1980s for just \u00a350; and a giant elephant-bird egg - 180 times larger than a hen's egg, it was laid by the biggest bird that ever lived."
"The dealers bid for six original dresses made by the late Alexander McQueen, including a design piece for Sarah Jessica Parker; a bespoke gold Rolex watch made for the Sultan of Oman containing 300 diamonds and 27 rubies; a boxing glove worn by Mohammad Ali; and a shocking artwork depicting the gates of Auschwitz, which the artist claims is made partly from the gold teeth of Holocaust victims."
Season 5 - Four Rooms
"Four Rooms returns for a new series. Will any of the dealers be tempted by Andy Murray's racket, a piece of HMS Victory, art by Freud and Bacon, or some cutting-edge jet furniture?"
"The remarkable items on the table in this new episode include an Elvis Presley photo album, a biblical relic, a haunting bronze skeleton and an artwork made in space."
"A lock of Napoleon Bonaparte's hair, recycled haute couture worn by Dita Von Teese and a silver erotic chess set are featured on the show this week."