Little Women: Atlanta - Season 3 Episode 18

This is a reality show that follows a group of little women living in Atlanta as they deal with drama, friendship, careers and men.

Episode: 18/89 eps

Duration: 40 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 5.4

Season 1 - Little Women: Atlanta
"The women set off for a night at a club, but things become heated after the twins clash with Bri and Emily."
"Tensions increase between the twins and Cheeks. Emily decides to tell the group about the baby."
"Emily invites all the ladies to go horseback riding, causing Amanda and Andrea to doubt if she's actually pregnant. Elsewhere, Bri wants more from her relationship with Wooda, but she ends up looking for someone more willing to commit."
"Andrea and Chris' relationship problems come to a head. Meanwhile, Bri invites Emily and Minnie into the wilderness for a \"Relationship ReBootcamp\"; and Minnie plans a birthday party, but an unexpected guest crashes her big night."
"The ladies struggle with Monie's recent behavior; and Minnie reveals a secret when the group goes apple-picking. Later, tensions escalate between Emily and Bri and the twins when they find themselves in a turf war."
"Emily's pregnancy helps repair her relationship with her boyfriend; Bri faces a difficult choice when she tries to get closer to her baby's father; the girls threaten to walk off the set of a music video after the director makes insulting comments."
"Emily books the ladies a gig and a vacation in Savannah; tensions run high between Minnie and Monie over the disastrous music video shoot."
"The man Minnie believes is her father agrees to a paternity test; Emily learns the sex and size of her baby; Amanda makes a choice that will impact her relationship with her twin sister Andrea forever."
"Host Terra Jole sits down with the ladies of Little Women: Atlanta to revisit all the excitement and drama from this season. The girls answer tough questions about their relationships and things get serious when some surprise guests join them on stage."
Season 2 - Little Women: Atlanta
"In the second-season opener, a baby shower is planned for Minnie, but problems arise; and Emily and Lontel head to Dallas for their baby's arrival but Emily's unsure if Lontel's prepared for fatherhood"
"Juicy and Monie form a united front against Minnie after her miscarriage story fails to convince them she was ever pregnant to begin with."
"As the ladies hit the road to Myrtle Beach, Minnie prepares to confront Ms. Juicy over a recent discovery."
"The ladies don't leave the drama at home on their trip to Myrtle Beach. Later, Ms. Juicy hosts an event at a male strip club; Amanda's furious when Melissa doesn't mind her business; and Andrea's rushed to the hospital with contractions."
10 Aug 2016
"Romance and tension are in the air as the girls take a trip to a local winery."
"Monie's brother and father visit, leading to disaster for Morlin. Later, the ladies go tubing down the Chattahoochee River; Minnie challenges Monie on her status as a little person; and Andrea and Amanda argue about Andrea's relationship with Chris."
"Minnie reaches out to her half sister in hopes of reconnecting with her estranged father. Later, Emily faces a difficult decision about her newborn son's health; and Monie's determined to prove she has dwarfism after her status as a little person is questioned."
"When Minnie decides to put herself back out there, her boss sets her up on an unexpected blind date. Juicy's friends Hope and Charity, another set of little twins, make a big splash when they invite all the girls to a boat party on Lake Lanier."
"Bri invites the girls to celebrate Meek's 3rd birthday, but when Juicy shows up with the new twins, Hope and Charity, tensions mount and Monie loses her cool. And when sudden contractions force Andrea to have an emergency C-section, Chris is nowhere to be found."
"Juicy decides to take a huge step in her radio career by launching her own sex advice talk show."
"Minnie moves in with Andrea to help when baby Aubrey comes home; Juicy stirs up trouble; Bri and Wooda disagree about getting Meek involved in child modeling; Chris' sudden return to Atlanta comes as a shock to everyone but Andrea."
"Andrea must make an agonizing decision regarding Minnie; Juicy attempts to rebuild her friendship with Minnie, but an argument breaks out at the Atlanta bridal expo."
"Andrea must make an agonizing decision regarding Minnie; Juicy attempts to rebuild her friendship with Minnie, but an argument breaks out at the Atlanta bridal expo."
"Amanda comes to Andrea's rescue when Chris reverts to his old ways. As Bri grapples with a decision that threatens to divide her family, Monie prepares to share some big news with the group."
"The ladies come together with host Kevin Frazier to recap Season 2. Chris and Jordan stop by to discuss their relationships with the twins, Andrea and Amanda. Meanwhile, Miss Juicy puts Monie in the hot seat when it comes to her pregnancy. Monie\u2019s mom, Tammie, also makes an appearance to let Miss Juicy know EXACTLY how she feels about her."
"The ladies come together with host Kevin Frazier to recap Season 2. Chris and Jordan stop by to discuss their relationships with the twins, Andrea and Amanda. Meanwhile, Miss Juicy puts Monie in the hot seat when it comes to her pregnancy. Monie\u2019s mom, Tammie, also makes an appearance to let Miss Juicy know EXACTLY how she feels about her."
Season 3 - Little Women: Atlanta
"With tensions still high from the reunion, Monie\u2019s good friend Tanya invites her and Juicy over for a party. When Tanya\u2019s new roommate Sam invites the twins and Minnie, their party takes a turn for the worse. Minnie attempts to put the past behind her and reveals a shocking confession to Juicy!"
"Minnie\u2019s confession about her pregnancy has the Twins feeling betrayed. Meanwhile Monie\u2019s relationship is put under the magnifying glass once again when her biological dad and brother show up unannounced. Tempers flare when Sam confronts Minnie about her past lies and a newly discovered mug shot!"
"Tanya struggles to work out a custody arrangement with her ex, forcing Sam and Monie to step in to help. With Chris away, Andrea must deal with her daughter Aubrey\u2019s health issues on her own. Meanwhile Monie brings the group to a charity masquerade ball, but the fun doesn\u2019t last when the girls become the focus of attention for all the wrong reasons."
"Minnie\u2019s living situation takes a turn for the awkward when her mother Tammie asks to move in. And with Andrea ready to get back to work, the twins decide to step away from twerking and embark on new endeavors. When Tanya\u2019s baby daddy visits Atlanta, the group refuses to believe their relationship is strictly platonic, pushing Tanya to her breaking point."
"After her disastrous dinner party, Tanya turns to Sam for comfort. Juicy invites the girls to the taping of her new television pilot, \u201cJuicy Talk,\u201d and Tanya finally reveals the truth behind her relationship with Nico. Meanwhile Andrea tells Amanda some big news that threatens to divide their family!"
"After an explosive fight with her mom and sister, Andrea decides to seek professional help. Juicy invites all the girls to dinner to meet her mom and sister, but Minnie is fearful. When Monie comes clean about losing her engagement ring, Morlin makes a decision that could change their relationship forever."
"With Monie still reeling from her breakup with Morlin, the Tiny Twins meet with their new managers and decide to seek out speech therapy. Minnie arranges for a fun-filled camping trip to cheer up a depressed Monie, but the focus lands on Tanya when she reveals some big news to the girls!"
"Andrea and Amanda prepare for a visit from their parents, who have some harsh criticism for Andrea. Minnie seeks advice from the girls about her relationship with Gary, only to leave her with more doubt. When Tanya announces that she and Nico are moving in together, Sam makes her true feelings known."
"Monie travels to Houston to visit her son D2, but when she asks her ex-husband if D2 can live with her in Atlanta, Monie doesn\u2019t get the answer she expected. Meanwhile Minnie confronts a scary medical issue and Tanya worries about her future with Nico."
"When Tanya throws a housewarming party to reintroduce the girls to Nico, things don\u2019t go as expected. Juicy and Minnie hatch a plan to reunite Monie and Morlin, while Amanda gets a surprise when she celebrates her two-year anniversary with Jordan."
"Amanda finally confronts Jordan about the future of their relationship. To show Morlin how much she cares, Monie throws him a casino themed party before her luck runs out. And when Juicy reveals a surprise new venture, Minnie is quick to throw shade\u2026and chicken!"
"The girls prepare to celebrate Juicy\u2019s birthday in grand fashion. When Minnie refuses to take responsibility for her recent actions, Juicy makes it clear that Minnie isn\u2019t welcome at her party. Not one to take no for an answer, Minnie crashes the event and Juicy is forced to take extreme measures."
"When Sam makes a surprise return to Atlanta, not all the girls are happy to see her. The Tiny Twins set out to host their first party at a popular nightclub, but Tanya\u2019s friend Abira steals the spotlight, resulting in a parking lot throw down."
"After Tanya drops a bomb on Nico, he finds an unlikely confidante in Ms. Juicy. Meanwhile, the twins must decide if they\u2019ll take the high road following their huge fight with Abira. Tanya\u2019s baby shower takes a turn for the unexpected when her mom confronts Nico."
"In an attempt to heal her rift with Juicy, Minnie brings the girls together for an Escape Room bonding exercise, but Juicy has other ideas. As news of Nico\u2019s confession spreads through the group, Tanya gears up for a dramatic confrontation with her ex!"
"Ms. Juicy excludes Minnie from an acting workshop, causing a rift between the Twins when they are forced to choose sides. After having her kids tested for dwarfism, Tanya is brought to tears as she struggles to accept the results. Juicy, Monie and Sam take part in a play, but Sam\u2019s stage fright could bring the curtain down on their performance."
"The girls volunteer at a senior center with the Rickey Smiley Foundation, but their good deed turns bad when Minnie goes behind Juicy\u2019s back and asks her boss Rickey for help getting into radio. Meanwhile Tanya\u2019s birth plan hits a roadblock when her doctor expresses concern over her desire to deliver naturally."
"The Little Women of Atlanta hit the beaches of Miami! When the Tiny Twins\u2019 book a gig in South Beach, they invite all the girls along for some fun in the sun. But the fun doesn\u2019t last long as Juicy and Minnie\u2019s rivalry threatens to ruin everyone\u2019s trip. Andrea struggles with being away from her kids leading her to rethink her future as part of the Tiny Twins."
"When the girls set out on a cruise to the Bahamas, things go off-course as Amanda continues to doubt Andrea\u2019s commitment to the Tiny Twinz. Tanya and Andrea form an unlikely bond over their similar family situations, and Monie worries there may not be a future for her and Morlin."
"Monie must take matters into her own hands when Morlin refuses to commit to a wedding. Andrea makes a shocking decision that blindsides Amanda and threatens to change their relationship forever. Meanwhile, Tanya attempts to bring Nico and DeVon together with disastrous results."
"The ladies come together with host Terra Jol to recap season three of \u201cLittle Women: Atlanta.\u201d Things get heated when Minnie\u2019s mother, Tammie, makes a scene and stirs up conflict with the entire cast. Tanya\u2019s complicated relationships take center stage when both Nico and Devon show up. And Abira returns, pushing \u201cMama Bear\u201d Minnie to the breaking point as she defends the Tiny Twinz."
"The \u201cLittle Women: Atlanta\u201d reunion continues as Minnie and Abira\u2019s conflict boils over, with Tammie adding more fuel to the fire backstage. Once host Terra Jol gets things back under control, the ladies look back at happier times including their trip to the Bahamas. And finally, we get a sneak peek at Monie\u2019s upcoming wedding specials."
"Monie and Morlin are finally on the path to marriage, but Monie\u2019s plans for a wedding on a beach in Jamaica are quickly derailed when a family conflict means that her stepfather might not be there to walk her down the aisle."
"Monie, Morlin and the whole wedding party hit the Las Vegas strip for a dual bachelor and bachelorette weekend. Later, Juicy plans a night to remember, but when Morlin doesn\u2019t come home after his night out with the boys, Monie\u2019s left questioning whether his heart is still in it."
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Season 4 - Little Women: Atlanta
"Minnie trains for her first 5K run; Amanda has a showdown with the Tiny Twinz's manager, Gayle; new manager Juicy signs her first artist; dangerous complications arise as Tanya prepares to give birth at home."
"Sam steps in when Minnie decides to try a dangerous weight-loss procedure; Amanda lands an apprenticeship at a nail salon, but her first job without her sister is not what she expected; Tanya is reluctant to bring her baby around some of the girls."
"During Monie's surprise birthday party for Morlin, Minnie announces she has landed a new gig in radio; with another baby on the way, Andrea gives Chris an ultimatum; Tanya is forced to make a difficult decision regarding her other children."
"Following a heated argument, Nico finally expresses his true feelings for Tanya; Minnie's health takes a dangerous turn; Sam and the twins learn Caylea from Dallas is performing in Juicy's talent showcase, turning her big night into a big disaster."
"Amanda and Jordan convince the group to go on a fishing trip, but Jordan has ulterior motives; Tanya makes a decision regarding Tahirih that impacts the entire group; all hell breaks loose after Minnie finds out Abira has been invited on the trip."
"The drama heats up during the group's fishing trip in Tennessee; Minnie worries she has ruined Jordan's surprise for Amanda; Andrea and Chris fall back into their old ways when Chris' jealousy gets the best of him."
"When Tanya throws a housewarming party to reintroduce the girls to Nico, things don\u2019t go as expected. Juicy and Minnie hatch a plan to reunite Monie and Morlin, while Amanda gets a surprise when she celebrates her two-year anniversary with Jordan."
"Juicy lands her first magazine cover shoot but takes a risk by hiring Sam to do her makeup; Minnie debates whether to forgive Andrea and attend her baby shower; Monie realizes things might be moving too fast with Morlin."
"Monie and Minnie help Sam overcome her commitment issues; Andrea experiences serious pregnancy complications, putting her and the baby at risk; the girls rally around Juicy after she receives an unexpected health scare."
"Sam helps Devon plan a romantic surprise for Tanya; Juicy sets out to buy her dream home, but Monie thinks she is making a big mistake; Andrea struggles with a decision that could change her life forever."
"Tanya plans a trip to New York City with some of the girls, but an unannounced guest throws her plans into turmoil; Sam worries about introducing her new boyfriend to the girls and her parents; Andrea is rushed to the hospital."
Season 5 - Little Women: Atlanta
"After firing their manager, the Twinz are under a deadline to get their career back on track. Juicy meets with Atlanta rap moguls The Street Execs and gets offered a huge opportunity. Monie is devastated by news that could change her and her family\u2019s lives, and the return of familiar faces ushers in a new level of drama."
"Juicy drops a bomb that makes the Cheeks and Twinz reconsider their shot with Street Execs. The Cheeks uproot their families to Atlanta for a career break, despite the secret Emily is carrying. Meanwhile, Minnie devises a plan to use her podcast to trick Juicy into helping Abira and the Twinz are upset by a song dissing them at an event thrown by the Street Execs."
"Chris shocks Amanda with his plan to propose to Andrea. Emily throws a pregnancy wrench in Juicy\u2019s plans for the Cheeks and the Street Execs. Meanwhile, Minnie lands a legendary hip hop artist to co-host her podcast and things get tense when the Twinz and Abira collaborate on a track."
"The Cheat Code concert is coming up which will decide who\u2019s going to be the opening act on the Street Execs tour. Juicy and the Cheeks worry that Emily\u2019s pregnancy will knock the Cheeks out of the running so Juicy\u2019s forced to look for back-up. Meanwhile, Minnie sees it as an opportunity get The Twinz and Abira in the door but that doesn\u2019t sit well with Juicy. A lifetime of ear issues threatens Andrea\u2019s ability to record the Twinz track and exacerbate her ongoing problems with new fianc e, Chris."
"With proceeds for album sales and the concert tour on the line, Minnie and Juicy hustle to officially sign their artists but Juicy has a trick up her sleeve. The Twinz bump heads when they realize how difficult it is to plan a double wedding and maintain their music career. Meanwhile, Minnie\u2019s health reaches critical condition and she is forced to make a life changing decision."
"Juicy and Minnie are given another challenge to prove their clients have what it takes to land a spot on the Street Execs Tour. Emily\u2019s ego threatens to sabotage the Cheek\u2019s reputation. Monie Love sets Minnie up with a new love interest and Minnie throws down with Juicy over trying to poach her clients."
"After a disastrous meeting at the Street Execs, Juicy and Minnie have their work cut out for themselves to repair their relationship with the record label and keep Abira and Emily from tanking the compilation LP, an opportunity of a lifetime. Meanwhile the friction among the artists leads to an unlikely electric collaboration between Bumpman and Abira. The Twinz push forward planning their double wedding despite Chris being M.I.A. and Minnie reveals intimate details about her health and her love life in her podcast with Monie Love."
"With the LP album dead, Minnie needs to develop The Twinz as artists to keep them in the running for the Street Execs tour. She convinces the Twinz to collaborate with an up and coming artist who\u2019s never worked with Little People before, which soon proves the prejudice that they\u2019re up against. Fed up with Emily\u2019s bad attitude, Juicy gives The Cheeks a time out which puts Emily on the offensive. Abira and Andrea attempt to learn how to manage their anger but it might be too little too late."
"No description"
"As The Twinz continue to plan their double wedding, Andrea runs into issues with Chris which threatens to tear apart their joint wedding plans. Now with Emily gone from Atlanta, Bri decides to try a solo career behind Emily\u2019s back. Abira and Bumpman decide to take their relationship to the next level."
"The ATL gang descend upon Dallas for Amanda's wedding. Juicy lands the Cheeks an interview with Salute Magazine, and Bri gets mad when Emily takes all of the attention. Meanwhile, Minnie finds out she's been demoted from Maid of Honor and it threatens to ruin Amanda's bachelorette party."
"Everyone's in Texas for Amanda's wedding... except Chris, who has tried to make amends with Andrea but she's on the fence. All the while, Juicy spills the beans to Emily that Bri has been recording behind her back and causes a rift between them. And Amanda's father questions her marrying Jordan, just before he walks her down the aisle."
"Abira goes ballistic when she thinks Minnie is doing more for the Twinz than for her; Juicy approaches Bri with a great career opportunity, but worries if Bri is Emily's puppet; Andrea receives a big surprise that could ruin her night."
"Juicy continues to build her clientele by scoping out new artists and investors; Andrea wants to leave the music biz to focus on family; Emily tries to convince Bri not to perform solo; Abira pops off at Minnie's birthday party."
"Abira's anger issues toward the Twinz and Minnie's mismanagement puts everyone's performance chances at risk; Bri stands to miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity after Emily summons her back to Dallas due to pregnancy complications."
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Season 6 - Little Women: Atlanta
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